2019 School and District Accountability Ratings Released

Posted 9/17/19

MDE has released unofficial* school and district accountability ratings for the 2018-2019 school year. See your school and district ratings.

Statewide, student achievement continues to rise, despite chronic underfunding of public schools and a crisis-level teacher shortage. More schools are rated A and B and fewer are rated D and F than in the year prior.

Kudos to our teachers and students for their hard work; it is paying off! Be sure to thank a teacher today.

As you know, school ratings tell only part of the story of what's happening every day in our classrooms. The good work continues, regardless of ratings or test scores. Our duty as parents and public school supporters is to ensure that Mississippi provides every school the resources and funding needed to help each of its students thrive in reading, math, science, history, art, music, and more.

Let's start by electing state leaders who value and respect public educators and public school students. If you are not registered to vote, please do so by October 7 in order to participate in the November 5 statewide election. See candidates' responses to our public education Q&A.

Notes regarding accountability ratings:
*Ratings will be made official at a meeting of the Mississippi Board of Education on Thursday. Also, ratings for attendance centers can be found this year in a separate "Non-traditional 1000-point School" list.