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Good News! Teacher Pay Raise Bill Advances

Posted 2/6/2020

Yesterday, in a great show of support for public school teachers, SB 2001 - the teacher pay raise bill, unanimously passed the full Senate. Every member of the Senate signed on as a co-author of the bill, and the vote was followed by a standing ovation in the Senate chamber! 

See the WLBT video and read more here.

House Committee Votes Against Retired Educators

Posted 2/5/2020

Heads up! Public education supporters: legislators in the House of Representatives voted against you in overwhelming fashion today. Teachers: they don't want you to serve in the Legislature and draw your hard-earned retirement. This afternoon, the House Appropriations Committee voted down two bills that would have clarified the right of retired educators and other PERS retirees to serve in the Legislature and draw their retirement. It now appears that legal action will be required to protect Mississippians' right to have state retirees represent us in the Legislature. Read more here.

More Shenanigans, But You Can Help!


House Speaker Philip Gunn continues to play hardball with the state retirees who were elected in November to represent voters in the Pinebelt, southeast Mississippi, and DeSoto County. Read moreThe legislators could pursue legal action to force Gunn to comply with the law and the new PERS regulation, but that can get expensive. You can help! A Go Fund Me account has been established to assist with the cost of their legal representation and help ensure that the policy remains intact for future retirees who wish to serve in the Legislature. A donation of any size can be made here - $5, $100, $1,000 - any amount will be appreciated.

Teacher Pay Raise Bill Passes Senate Education Committee


SB 2001 passed unanimously in the Senate Education Committee this morning. The bill gives certified teachers with three or more years' experience a $1,000 pay increase. Teachers with two years of experience and less will get a slightly larger pay bump of $1,110 to bring them to an even $37,000 starting salary. Assistant teachers will receive a $1,000 pay increase. All increases are effective July 1, 2020. Senate leaders made clear that this pay increase, while smaller than they would like, is just the beginning of efforts to improve teacher pay and address the teacher shortage crisis. Read more.

House Names Education Committee, Governor Signs HB 1

Posted 1/24/2020

Committees have been named in the Mississippi House of Representatives. Rep. Richard Bennett of Long Beach will return as chair of the House Education Committee, and Rep. Kent McCarty of Hattiesburg will serve as vice chair. See complete list of education committee members and read more.

Ready for a Better Mississippi?

Posted 1/22/2020

Know someone under 40 who's ready for a better Mississippi? Our sister organization, The Parents' Campaign Research and Education Fund, has just launched a networking program for young, action-oriented Mississippians who want to be a new voice for a new Mississippi. The Mississippi Collective will offer opportunities for like-minded peers to connect with one another and will provide no-cost advocacy training - and a wealth of information - designed to take our state to the next level. Read more.

MississippiCollectivewhiteBGTag 01 01

Shenanigans in the House

Posted 1/16/2020

Speaker Philip Gunn is telling four duly elected representatives, all state retirees, that they must resign or forfeit their retirement, a mandate that conflicts with state law and policy. Long-time Capitol reporter Bobby Harrison broke this story today (it includes quotes from Gunn and some of the legislators he's pressuring to resign). See details here.

Senate Names Education Committee, House Addresses Teacher Pay Raise Snafu

Posted 1/10/2020

The first week of the 2020 Legislative Session is in the books! Senate committees were announced today. Sen. Dennis DeBar of Leakesville will serve as chair of the Senate Education Committee, and Sen. David Blount of Jackson will serve as vice chair. See complete list of Education Committee members here and learn about House passage of HB 1 and Tate Reeves' appointment of former senator Nancy Collins to the State Board of Education (subject to consent of Senate).

A Fresh Start

Posted 1/7/2020

logonewfullsizeReady for a fresh start? The 2020 Legislative Session convenes at noon today with a new Legislature and new leadership. With that comes new opportunities - and challenges! Our children can't stand up for themselves, so you and I stand for them. We are parents, teachers, legislators, and regular folks standing shoulder to shoulder, bridging the gap, to ensure strong public schools for every Mississippi child. This New Year has brought a fresh new look for The Parents' Campaign - and soon we will unveil a new web site. There's lots that's new. What hasn't changed is our commitment to our children. And to you. Whatever 2020 brings, you can count on us to be your eyes and ears at the Capitol, to keep you in the know and in the loop. Read more.

A Game-changer for Public Schools

Posted 12/18/2019

Yesterday, the Board of Trustees for Mississippi's Public Employees Retirement System made the final ruling on a policy change allowing state retirees - including retired educators - to serve in the Legislature while drawing their retirement. Final board approval had been pending confirmation from the IRS that the new policy would not jeopardize the tax status of the retirement system. Read more.

A Big Opportunity

Posted 12/2/2019

You have the power to change the course of a child's life. Time and again, your voice has made the difference, protecting our schools from profit-driven privatizers, enabling a good start for young children through state-funded pre-k, supporting teachers with better pay, and securing additional funding that provides advanced courses, improved technology, and stronger supports for struggling learners. Now we are at a new crossroads. We have a golden opportunity to capitalize on our momentum and to change forever the path of public education in Mississippi. Will you donate today to sustain the work of The Parents' Campaign into 2020 and beyond? Read more.

Thankful for the Difference You Have Made!

Posted 11/26/2019

As we pause to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families, we count you among our greatest blessings. Thank you for all that you have done to move Mississippi and our public schools beyond the stereotypes that have held us back - for lifting your voices and standing in the gap and never giving up on our children and their teachers. These are exciting times at The Parents' Campaign! A new slate of legislators and a new term for statewide leaders bring the prospect of real change - and public school supporters are poised to capitalize on it. Our team is working hard on new initiatives that, with your help, can be game-changers for Mississippi children. There is so much more for all of us to do. Excitement is in the air, and great things are yet to come. Thank you for being a difference-maker in Mississippi! Our children are so very fortunate to have you in their corner. Together, we've got this!


Mississippi Has Lost a Champion of Public Education

Posted 11/13/2019

We at The Parents' Campaign join with all Mississippians in mourning the passing and celebrating the legacy of former House Speaker Billy McCoy, a true man of the people and a great champion of public education. Speaker McCoy believed fervently that legislators should work on behalf of the people back home in their districts. He consistently rejected lobbyists' overtures, and he regularly reminded visitors to the House gallery that the state Capitol belonged to them - to us - the citizens of our great state. Read more.

You Might Be Surprised at the Change You Created!

Posted 11/6/2019

We asked for CHANGE in this election, and we think you'll be surprised at how well you delivered. Despite some bitter disappointments, there are some bright spots for public education. You - parents, educators, public school advocates - made this election all about our children and our public schools, and, as a result, we heard loads of campaign promises about investing in our future. YOU made that happen! Between the Primary and the General Elections, we have 9 new pro-public education House seats. The House of Representatives will look much, much better in 2020! This is the kind of CHANGE voters can and did deliver for our children. Read more.

Remind Friends and Family to Vote November 5

Posted 11/5/2019


Remember How You Felt That Day Last March?

Posted 11/1/2019

Remember how you felt that day last March? Legislators told us they were with us. Most agreed: more money for teacher pay; no more money for vouchers. And then we got the word. Reeves and Gunn had killed the $4,000 teacher pay raise, and they sneaked in more money for private school vouchers. Without even telling our legislators - the people whose votes are supposed to matter.

Remember how you felt when state leaders defied us, and our legislators, and our democracy? It's November, and we remember. It's our chance to cast a vote that really counts. If each of us does a little something to get public school supporters to the polls, we will win the day for our children and our teachers. It's November. Time to remember - and act!

If you know you won't be able to make it to your polling place on Tuesday, be sure to vote absentee! The deadline for in person absentee voting is Saturday, November 2, at noon. Your circuit clerk's office will be open for absentee voting tomorrow from 8 a.m. until noon. Please reach out to a neighbor, friend, or family member who might not otherwise be able to vote, and offer a ride to your circuit clerk's office to vote absentee. Remember to take an ID!

 AG Opinion on Teachers' Rights

Posted 10/25/2019

Teachers can and should be involved in political activities! Mississippi's Attorney General has issued a number of opinions stating that "school employees may voluntarily participate in political activities on their own time. See details and guidelines. If you know of someone who is attempting to keep educators from expressing their political views, please report it to us by emailing Teachers' voices are an important part of our political discourse and should be valued as such. Absentee voting: If you know you won't be able to make it to your polling place on Election Day November 5, vote absentee! Your circuit clerk's office will be open for absentee voting from 8 a.m. until noon this Saturday, October 26, and next Saturday, November 2. You can also vote in your circuit clerk's office on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. through November 1.

Let's Do This!

Posted 10/22/2019

TWO WEEKS TO GO! We've suffered through 8 loooong years of underfunded schools, underpaid teachers, and general hostility toward public education. But the end is almost in sight. In just 2 weeks, we will flood the polls to cast our votes for candidates who stand up for PUBLIC schools! Join us as we count down to the November 5 election. Help us ensure a public education victory by sharing our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts, and by texting and emailing your family and friends (download a graphic to share). We'll have a fresh batch of graphics and messages for you every day, so check back often. Just 2 weeks to a new beginning for our Mississippi. Are you in? Let's do this!

CTC Post Twitter

Teachers Have Every Right to be Angry

Posted 10/14/2019

Do they think they can pull one over on us that easily? We saw it coming back in March. And we told you about it then - the same old tricks they've been using for years to deny teachers a decent pay raise and public schools adequate funding. Surely you remember that, during this year's Legislative Session, Lt. Governor Tate Reeves justified killing the $4,000 teacher pay raise by saying the state didn't have enough money to cover it. We knew otherwise. Read the new developments here.


Reduction in State Testing Proposed

Posted 10/8/2019

The Mississippi Board of Education has proposed eliminating the state U.S. History exam currently required of Mississippi high school students. The public is asked to offer comments to assist the Board in making its final decision. Read more.

 Reading Help for 3rd Graders Offered

Posted 10/8/2019

Parents of students in kindergarten through third grade can learn how to help their children improve their reading skills. Regional meetings will be held October 8-22 to provide an overview of the third-grade literacy assessment, which students must pass in order to be promoted to fourth grade, as well as reading strategies that can be used at home. See meeting locations and dates.

Voter Registration Deadline October 7

Posted 10/4/2019

Ready to vote for public education candidates on November 5? Check your voter registration status online. If you've moved since you last voted, update your address online. Not yet registered? Print and complete the official voter registration form and drop it in the mail on or before Monday, October 7, OR register in person by 5 p.m. on October 7 at one of the following locations (call first): your county Circuit Clerk’s office, your City Clerk’s office, or any state or federal agency offering government services, such as the Department of Human Services or the Department of Public Safety. Encourage your friends and family to register! Then on Election Day, remind them to vote and offer a ride to the polls.

Voter registration

Two Important Things

Posted 9/25/2019

Public schools could see full funding in the near future! But only if you demand it when you cast your vote on November 5. Remember our fight to defeat the revamp of the MAEP? The one that would have DECREASED the school funding called for in state law by almost $200-million per year? That destructive plan was pushed by Lt. Governor Tate Reeves and House Speaker Philip Gunn. Now Reeves is back at it, alleging, incorrectly, that the MAEP has "incentivized more and more spending on administration and not as much spending in the classroom." Reeves' statement is patently false and is a reminder of his continuing opposition to the MAEP. Read more.

Your 2019 School and District Accountability Ratings

Posted 9/17/2019

MDE has released unofficial* school and district accountability ratings for the 2018-2019 school year. Statewide, student achievement continues to rise, despite chronic underfunding of public schools and a crisis-level teacher shortage. More schools are rated A and B and fewer are rated D and F than in the prior year. Kudos to our teachers and students for their hard work; it is paying off! Be sure to thank a teacher today. As you know, school ratings tell only part of the story of what's happening every day in our classrooms. Read more.

Moving in the Right Direction

Posted 8/29/2019

THANK YOU for showing up at the polls and casting your votes for candidates who support public schools! On Tuesday, seven more incumbent legislators lost their seats, bringing the total to 12 incumbent losses in the 2019 Primary Election. With only two exceptions, the incumbents who lost their elections had poor education voting records, and they were defeated by candidates who campaigned on support for public schools. While the Legislature is starting to look better, our concerns about statewide leadership remain. Read more.

TODAY - We Need Your VOTE

Posted 8/27/2019

Today is a watershed moment for our public schools. We need your vote! A strong turnout of public education voters is THE KEY to winning the day for public school children. Read more.



Posted 8/23/2019

If you can't make it to the polls next Tuesday, be sure to vote absentee at your circuit clerk's office by noon tomorrow (Saturday, August 24). Read more about voting absentee and what's at stake in the Primary Election runoff.


What Next Tuesday Means for Your School

Posted 8/21/2019

Next Tuesday - the Primary Election runoff - is a decisive day for public education.

Want a governor who respects teachers? VOTE on AUGUST 27.

Want a governor who believes public schools deserve adequate funding? VOTE on AUGUST 27.

We cannot afford to sit this one out. We've got to vote on Tuesday - parents, teachers, ALL of us who support public schools. Read more.

State Test Scores and Other Testing News

Posted 8/15/2019

State test scores are in, and the news is good! School districts continued their decades-long trend of academic improvement. Mississippi students showed gains in nearly every grade and subject area, with more students scoring in the top three proficiency levels and fewer scoring in levels one and two. In other testing news, the Mississippi Student Testing Task Force recently voted 9-2 to recommend that the State Board of Education eliminate the U.S. History end-of-course assessment. The vote followed a poll that showed 77 percent of high school teachers oppose continuing the exam. Read more here.

August 27 Primary Runoff is Critical for Public Education

Posted 8/6/2019

Tuesday was a great day for our children, our teachers, and our public schools. Election 2019 is shaping up to be a good one for public education, but we need your help again to ensure that public school supporters go back to the polls for the Primary Election Runoff on August 27. Read more.

TODAY is Our Day to Vote for CHANGE

Posted 8/6/2019

TODAY is the day that we elect state leaders who respect our teachers and support our public schools. TODAY is the day that we take back our Legislature from campaign donors and special interests. TODAY is the day that we VOTE for CHANGE!

Whatever you have planned for today, please make some time to VOTE for candidates who support our public schools. Take someone with you to the polls. Text your contacts. Email your friends. Call your family. Post on social media. Retweet our tweets. If each of us does a little something to get public school supporters to the polls, we will win the day for our children and our teachers!

happy election day

Primary Election, Tuesday, August 6

Posted 8/2/2019


Sleazy Attacks on Pro-Public School Candidates

Posted 8/1/2019

The mudslinging is in full force! Direct mail attack ads are showing up in mailboxes, and they have a couple of common themes: 1) financed by Empower Mississippi, the pro-voucher group funded out of D.C. and San Francisco, and 2) targeting candidates who have run pro-teacher, pro-public education campaigns. It appears that Empower attempted to distance itself from the sleazy mailers by funneling its money through a couple of PACs. If you get a mailer from Freedom Mississippi PAC, Mississippi First PAC, or Empower Mississippi, it's pretty safe to assume that the person they're attacking is pro-teacher and pro-public schools. Remember that when you vote Tuesday. Read the details here.

Teachers to the Polls on August 6

Posted 7/30/2019

Teachers, it's time to send a message to state leaders. Make a plan to go to the polls TOGETHER at 4:30 p.m. on August 6 and cast your votes for pro-public school candidates! If 4:30 doesn't work for your school, settle on a better time and head to the polls en masse. It could be one of the most important things you do for your students, your state, and yourselves all year.

#TeachersToThePolls  #VoteWithYourTeacherVoice

Teacher Voice smaller size 1024x576

They're Talking About YOU!

Posted 7/25/19

Folks in the know believe public education voters can swing this election. They are talking about you! But we must get every single public school supporter to the polls. And they must know which candidates will stand up for our public schools. We need your help, and it's as easy as more. Teachers, this is your year. It's time to send the message that TEACHERS MATTER.

We Can WIN!

Posted 7/10/2019

If you support our public schools, our children need your vote in the August 6 Primary Election. If you will be out of town on August 6 or otherwise unable to vote, be sure to vote absentee now. The stakes are HUGE! The just-released Chism-Millsaps poll found that, overwhelmingly, voters want more funding for public schools and better pay for teachers, and they oppose vouchers that send our tax dollars to unaccountable private schools. Our current leaders are clearly out of step with Mississippi values! However, there are many pro-public school candidates running in both party primaries. Be sure to check our Candidate Q&A to see where candidates stand on issues like teacher pay, vouchers, pre-k, and school funding. Read more.

Want a Better Legislature? You Must Do This First!

Posted 7/1/2019

Are you sick and tired of the attacks on public schools? VERY SOON, we'll have an opportunity to begin turning all that around. First step? Check your voter registration. You can do a quick check online to verify that your registration is up-to-date or to change your address. Not yet registered? Just print and complete the official voter registration form and mail it in today! You must be registered by July 8 in order to vote in the August 6 Primary Election - which is very, very important (many races will be decided in the primary). Read more.

Candidates Respond to Tough Education Questions

Posted 6/25/2019

Are you ready for a Legislature that supports our public schools? We can make that happen! Public school educators, parents, and supporters make up the largest voting bloc in Mississippi, and there are many candidates, in both parties, running on a public education platform. If we stick together and support the candidates who support our public schools, we can create real change for our children and their teachers! The first step is knowing where the candidates stand on public education. Starting today, you can learn that on our Candidate Q&A web siteWe asked candidates where they stand on issues like school funding, teacher pay, pre-k, and the voucher scheme that takes millions of dollars away from public schools to fund private academies. Read more

Your School District's Funding for 2019-2020; Accountability Changes

Posted 5/15/2019

How much is the Mississippi Legislature willing to invest in your child's education? See how much MAEP funding your district will receive next year, how much it is underfunded, and how much it has been underfunded since 2008, the last time schools received the funding required by our state law. Read more on funding and see our update on accountability changes.

Deadline Tomorrow: Public Comments on Accountability Changes

Posted 4/29/2019

Tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. is the deadline to submit your feedback on the most recent changes proposed for the Mississippi Statewide Accountability System. See the public comments submitted by The Parents' Campaign here. Get instructions for submitting comments to MDE and read more here.

Auditor's Report Misrepresents Facts on Ed Funding

Posted 4/17/2019

Statewide elected officials have distributed yet another hit piece on public education. Today’s missive from the State Auditor misrepresents facts in an apparent attempt to shift the blame for failure to pass a meaningful teacher pay raise. We’re not fooled. See the actual data from The Parents' Campaign Research & Education Fund:


Response to State Auditor s Report on School Spending April 2019 2 900x1024

Accountability Changes Proposed, Feedback Period Open Now

Posted 4/11/2019

More changes have been proposed for the Mississippi Statewide Accountability System, and the public is asked to provide feedback. The deadline to submit comments is 5:00 p.m. on April 30. See list of significant changes and instructions for submitting comments to the Mississippi Board of Education.

Corruption, Vouchers Mark Grim End of Session

Posted 3/29/2019

The House and Senate adjourned the 2019 Legislative Session today, but not before the leadership of both chambers cheated their way to an increased appropriation for private school vouchers and proudly acknowledged doing so. Read the details here about how these machinations unfolded and find out how your legislators voted.

Friends, it is time for new leadership! We need legislators we can trust to stand up for our children and our public schools. Legislators need leadership they can trust to fairly preside over their chambers. Fortunately, we have an election just around the corner! Will you help us elect a better Legislature?

House, Senate Send SB 3049 with $2M Voucher Funding to Governor

Posted 3/29/2019

The House started the morning with two procedural votes on the SB 3049 conference report; both failed (good outcome), but the second vote ended in a tie (still means it failed). See that vote below left. (Those voting yea are voting to endorse vouchers and the corruption that put voucher funding in the DFA appropriation; those voting nay are voting to oppose the corruption and oppose the voucher funding.) On the third try, House leadership succeeded in coercing enough representatives to endorse the corruption and move SB 3049 to the governor with $2-million in voucher funding intact. Below right is the final House corruption vote that sent SB 3049 to the governor with hidden voucher funding. The Senate also sent the bill to the governor, but Lt. Governor Reeves refused to allow a recorded vote, hiding senators’ votes on this issue.

              IMG 5552 768x1024IMG 5554 768x1024

UNBELIEVABLE! Unethical, Last-minute Voucher Debacle

Posted 3/28/2019

We had been told that Lt. Governor Reeves was intent on getting an increase in voucher funding approved, despite strong objections in both chambers. Late this afternoon, it was discovered that Senate conferees had sneaked $2-million in additional voucher funds into a unrelated agency conference report in SB 3049. The voucher language was not included in the earlier version of the bill; it was secretly inserted at the last minute. Conferees never revealed the change to legislators in either chamber, and it was adopted. This reprehensible behavior violates the most basic ethical standards. Call Lt. Governor Reeves, Speaker Gunn, and your own legislators. Tell them to recommit SB 3049 and remove all voucher funding! Read more about the voucher debacle and today's news on teacher pay and public school funding here.

Update: $1,500 Teacher Pay Raise Passed by Senate and House,

Effort to Increase Pay Raise to $4,000 Defeated in Both Chambers

Posted 3/28/2019

This morning, both chambers passed the SB 2770 conference report providing for a $1,500 raise for certified and assistant teachers. The vote action we are reporting is the Motion to Recommit in each chamber; this motion was to send the conference report back to committee for the purpose of increasing the raise from $1,500 to $4,000. The Parents' Campaign supported a "yea" on this motion. See your legislators' votes:

Senate Vote Report   House Vote Report

Teacher Pay Raise Conference Report Filed

Posted 3/27/2019

10 p.m. update on teacher pay raise: $1,500 raise for certified and assistant teachers, per conference report filed at 9:30 p.m. on 3/27/2019. No word on K-12 appropriation, which must include funding for the pay raise. Also watching for voucher provisions/funding that could be added to any bills. See conference report on SB 2770 (teacher pay raise):

Keep calling to insist on the $4,000 raise. Legislators CAN send the conference report back with instructions to increase the raise from $1,500 to $4,000. Remember, it will take MORE than $4,000 just to move Mississippi from 51st to 50th in teacher pay. Capitol switchboard: 601.359.3770

RED ALERT: More Shenanigans, Need Calls Today!

Posted 3/26/2019

From Nancy Loome: I got word last night that the Senate leadership plans to insert private school voucher language into the teacher pay raise bill. Inserting language so offensive to public school teachers could be seen as an attempt to kill the pay raise bill.

What can be done?

• First, keep calling your legislators and tell them to INSIST on a $4,000 teacher pay raise and OPPOSE any voucher attempt.
• Second, make sure your legislators understand they have the power to reject a conference report and send it back to get it fixed.

Votes this week could make clear which legislators will go to the mat for public schools. Read more.

Teacher Pay Raise Threatened - CALL NOW!

Posted 3/25/2019

 Why are legislative leaders hiding our tax dollars from us? When the Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC) met today, budget leaders refused to acknowledge a substantial portion of available FY2020 revenue, a move that jeopardizes a significant pay raise for our teachers. Leaders are pretending that $140-million in revenue doesn't exist. Read the details hereNow is the time to call your legislators (again!).

RED ALERT: Pay Raise Vote Coming Soon

Posted 3/21/2019

The next few days are critical! Conference reports (final bills) for the teacher pay raise, next year's funding for your public schools, and voucher funding will likely be drafted over the weekend, and floor votes in the House and Senate will probably take place on Monday or Tuesday. Tell your legislators that when they stand strong for public schools, public school supporters have their backs! Read more.

public school heroes say

Important News on Teacher Pay Raise

Posted 3/15/19

We have learned that SB 2770 has a reverse repealer provision, which means the bill must go to a conference committee for the provision to be removed. Both the House and the Senate must vote on the final conference report. In other news, a recent revenue report shows that Mississippi CAN AFFORD a $4,000 teacher pay raise AND a pay raise for state employees. Read more.

House Sends SB 2770 with $4,000 Teacher Pay Raise to Senate!

Posted 3/12/2019

The House of Representatives has voted to table the motion to reconsider and send SB 2770 back to the Senate for concurrence. The House version of the bill calls for a $4,000 salary increase for teachers and a $1,000 increase for teacher assistants, both of which are to be phased in over two years. Please ask your senator to vote to concur with the House version of SB 2770 and send the pay raise bill to Governor Bryant! Read more.

House Votes to Increase Teacher Pay Raise

Posted 3/11/2019

On a voice vote, the House of Representatives has voted in favor of an amendment to increase the amount of the teacher pay raise in SB 2770. The amendment calls for a $4,000 salary increase to be phased in over the next two years at $2,000 per year. The bill was held on a motion to reconsider, so another vote will be required to move the bill forward. Read more.

Another Win for Mississippi Children

Posted 3/5/2019

Our heroes in the Mississippi Legislature came through again for our children! The last remaining voucher bill SB 2675 died on today's deadline. Please thank House Education Chairman Richard Bennett and the many legislators who stood up for public schools by saying NO to vouchers this session! But their work - and our work - is not done. Keep reading to find out what we need to do to get a MEANINGFUL pay raise for teachers and teacher assistants.


Tomorrow is Qualifying Deadline for Candidates

Posted 2/28/2019

Where do your legislators stand on public education? If you are unhappy with your legislators' votes on education issues, you can do something about it! Tomorrow is the deadline to qualify as a candidate for the Mississippi Legislature. You must sign qualifying papers in your party headquarters by 5:00 p.m. Friday, March 1. Get the details here.

Teacher Pay Raise and Voucher Bills Need Your Attention

Posted 2/25/2019

Mississippi has a teacher shortage crisis. Educators are leaving the profession in droves, and too few young people are choosing teaching as a career. It is time for our legislators to make a real investment in our teachers. It is time for a meaningful pay raise for teachers and teacher assistants. Be aware that legislators are being pressured by privatizers who want to divert state funding needed for a teacher pay raise into vouchers for private school tuition. Read more.

Legislative Update on Vouchers, Teacher Pay Raise, School Funding

Posted 2/22/2019

Vouchers – Senate Bill 2675 will die if not passed by the House Education Committee on or before March 5. This would be the best outcome for public school children. If it passes committee, it will go to the full House for a floor vote. Ask representatives to VOTE NO on SB 2675! The bill extends the current special needs voucher program to 2024 (currently set to end in 2020). A well-intentioned Senate amendment does not change the fact that it is a voucher bill that diverts public funds to pay tuition at unaccountable private schools. The Parents' Campaign opposes this bill in all forms.

Teacher pay raise – Senate Bill 2770 provides for a $500 bonus in 2019-2020 and a $1,000 bonus in 2020-2021 and every year thereafter for teachers and assistant teachers. It's next step in the legislative process is consideration by the House Education Committee and the House Appropriations Committee (double referred) on or before the committee deadline of March 5. Teacher organizations and public education advocates are calling for a much more substantive raise, noting that $1,000 is too low to positively affect the teacher shortage.

Teacher shortage – most of the bills containing measures designed to alleviate the teacher shortage, other than the pay raise bill, have died in the House and Senate. The teacher shortage is a crisis that demands immediate attention from state leaders. Mississippi Today and The Clarion-Ledger have covered this issue extensively in recent days.

School funding – House Bill 1643 funds pre-k through grade 12 for Fiscal Year 2020 at roughly the same level as Fiscal Year 2019. In the current year, public schools are funded $239-million below what state law requires. Next year's budget for public schools and state agencies will be finalized in late March/early April just prior to the end of the Legislative Session.

Dangerous Voucher Bill Passes Senate, Need Calls to Reps

Posted 2/14/2019

Today, the Senate passed a dangerous voucher bill that extends the flawed ESA voucher program to 2024, circumventing the process intended to identify and correct problematic statutes and unintended consequences of laws. A floor amendment added a section of code that makes the bill vulnerable to "vouchers for all" amendments that could send tens of millions of dollars to unaccountable private schools. See more on that and the teacher pay raise bill here.

Good News on PERS, Need Calls on Vouchers

Posted 2/12/2019

Today, the PERS board voted to direct the PERS staff to amend their regulations to comply with the Attorney General opinion allowing state retirees to draw their state retirement pensions while serving in the Mississippi Legislature. Kudos to the PERS board for this great news! And...we need your help on vouchers! There is talk around the Capitol of Senate leadership amending SB 2675 to blow the voucher program wide open. Please call senators and ask them to VOTE NO on SB 2675, oppose any expansion or extension of vouchers. Read more on both of these issues.

State Retirees Urged to Attend Important PERS Board Meeting

Posted 2/11/2019

The Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) board of trustees will hold a special meeting Tuesday, February 12, 11:30 a.m., to discuss retirees' - including retired educators - ability to serve in the Mississippi Legislature without forfeiting their retirement benefits. Attorney General Jim Hood has issued a news release urging state employees and retirees to attend the meeting. Read more.

RED ALERT: Voucher Extension Passes Senate Committee, Call Senators

Posted 2/5/2019

An amended version of Senate Bill 2675 passed the Senate Education Committee today and will now go to the full Senate for a floor vote. This bill originally called for a sweeping expansion of vouchers, but instead, what passed committee today is a provision to keep the current ESA voucher program running into 2024 (it is slated to end in 2020). Why would Senate leaders want to extend this terribly flawed program even longer?! Ask senators to VOTE NO on SB 2675. Read more. All other voucher bills in the first round of legislative action are dead as of tonight's committee deadline.

Vote NO on SB2675

Stand Up for PUBLIC Schools, Say NO to Vouchers!

Posted 2/1/2019

The House and Senate have adjourned for the weekend and will return Monday afternoon. They have until Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. to pass the first round of bills out of committee. Please touch base with your legislators over the weekend and ask them to OPPOSE any expansion of vouchers! Find contact information for legislators and read more here.

RED ALERT: Call Representatives, Another Voucher Threat

Posted 1/29/2019

Yesterday we told you about a terrible voucher bill pushed by Senate leadership. Today we have details on House Bill 1072, which has many of the same provisions as SB 2675. Ask representatives to VOTE NO on HB 1072! Read more.

Time to Call Legislators: Voucher Threat

Posted 1/28/2019

Grab your cape! It's time for our children's heroes to take action. A number of privatization bills have been filed in each chamber, and among the worst is voucher expansion legislation, Senate Bill 2675, introduced by Senate Education Chair Gray Tollison. Get the details on this bill here, then find contact information for your legislators and start calling!

Reeves Threatens Voucher Expansion

Posted 1/24/2019

Remember that special education voucher program that was supposed to help children with special needs? Well, here's the truth about that hoax, and news on what Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves is proposing now.

Real Talk ESA stats without logo

Celebrating Public Schools and Teachers This Week

Posted 1/23/2019

We’re all about blue at The Parents’ Campaign this week, supporting our public schools and the teachers who make them great! Voucher lobbyists are busy promoting School Choice Week, but they'll find #NoYellowScarvesHere. Remember to wear blue every Friday during the Legislative Session and share pictures on social media using the hashtag #BlueForMSTeachers.


Time to Grab Your Cape!


The 2019 Legislature is in session and we're looking forward to working with our children's heroes - parents, educators, and legislators - to strengthen public education. How will you know if your legislators are among the heroes voting to support strong public schools? We'll make it easy for you.

Find out more.

hero text join

PEER Review of Vouchers: Fraud, Lack of Accountability, Unspent Funds

Posted 12/21/2018

Mississippi's PEER Committee has issued a damning report of our state's ESA voucher program, which uses public funds to pay private school tuition for children with special needs. See our overview of PEER's findings and link to full report here.

BREAKING: Important News for Public Education

Posted 12/3/2018

We've got two pieces of game-changing news for public education supporters: First, Attorney General Jim Hood has just ruled that state retirees - including retired educators - should be able to serve in the Legislature and draw their hard-earned pensions, something that has been disallowed for decades and has discouraged Mississippi's retired educators from running for legislative seats. Secondly, despite what we've been told by legislative leaders seeking to ditch our school funding formula, it turns out that the MAEP is very reasonable after all. Even if the MAEP were FULLY funded, Mississippi's school funding would still lag that of our neighbor states by hundreds of dollars PER STUDENT. Read more about both of these issues.

School Funding: What is Reasonable?

Posted 11/30/2018

Guest column by Nancy Loome, published in Mississippi daily and weekly newspapers

Accountability Task Force to Meet November 29

Posted 11/28/2018

The state Accountability Task Force will meet Thursday, November 29, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Topics will include the English Learner component of the accountability model and the process for assigning ratings to schools with non-conventional high school grade configurations. View via live stream or attend in person (the meeting is open to the public): 4th Floor Board Room, MDE, 359 North West Street, Jackson.

2018 Accountability Ratings Released

Posted 10/11/2018

School and district accountability ratings for the 2017-2018 school year were released today. Find the grades assigned to your school and district. See more news here

Accountability Review Set for October 10

Posted 9/26/2018

Mississippi's school and district accountability model will be reviewed by the State Board of Education at a public work session on October 10 at 2 p.m. The review was inspired by numerous concerns expressed to the Board about our state's system of awarding A-F ratings to schools and districts.  Read more.

Accountability Ratings Delayed by State Board of Ed

Posted 9/20/2018

The State Board of Education has voted to delay consideration of school and district accountability ratings until its October meeting. Some board members expressed a desire to spend more time reviewing the ratings and considering the numerous public comments they received. Read more.

Public Comments on Resetting of Cut Scores

Posted 9/17/2018

Today is the deadline to submit public comments to the State Board of Education about MDE's proposal to reset high school cut scores, once again using percentile rankings to award accountability grades. Comments will be considered by the board prior to accountability ratings being adopted at Thursday's board meeting. Send your comments to: Mr. Alan Burrow, Director, Office of District and School Performance, Email:, Fax: 601-359-1979.

Read the comments submitted by The Parents' Campaign.

Stakes Higher for Elementary Students This Year

Posted 9/13/2018

If you have a child in kindergarten through third grade, you will want to attend an important meeting in which MDE will share information and strategies to help parents prepare their children for the new, higher standards that third-grade students must meet to be promoted to grade four. Beginning this year, students must score at Level Three or higher on the state reading test to be promoted to fourth grade. In previous years, students had to score at Level Two or higher to be promoted. See meeting dates, locations, and other details here.

Input Invited: MDE Considers Accountability Changes

Posted 8/29/2018

The State Board of Education is considering resetting cut scores, once again, which could affect the accountability rating for your high school. The MDE is required to accept public comments on any proposed change in the accountability system. Public comments are due no later than September 17. See details on proposed changes and instructions on submitting public comments.

2018 State Test Scores Bring Good News

Posted 8/16/2018

State assessment results have been released and the news is good. Students showed improvement in every grade and subject area, with more students scoring in the top three proficiency levels and fewer scoring in levels one and two. See how your school and district fared

School Choice Antithetical to Public Education

Posted 7/16/2018

Christopher Lubienski, co-author of "The Public School Advantage: Why Public Schools Outperform Private Schools," speaks on the myths and deceptions of school choice and competition: "...research shows some negative effects from competition, where schools compete often by excluding students...very much antithetical to the idea of public education." Watch short video clip.

Wow! Great News About Mississippi Public Schools

Posted 5/8/2018

Mississippi's public school teachers are amazing, and our most recent national test scores prove it! Over the last decade, our students have outpaced the nation in improvement on NAEP, but the really great news comes when we dig a little deeper. Read the details. It's Teacher Appreciation Week - thank your classroom heroes today!

Thanks teachers

Pro-public Education Wave Sweeping Across Mississippi and U.S.

Posted 5/2/2018

Public school supporters across the country  are taking to the streets to demand that their elected officials put their money where their mouths are when it comes to strengthening public schools. Educators are using their "teacher voices" as they march on their state capitols and head to the polls, demanding higher salaries and better funding for their public schools. Read about the #RedforEd movement and what it could mean for Mississippi.

It's a Wrap! Here's Our Take...

Posted 3/28/2018

Congratulations, SUPERHERO! Today, the Mississippi House and Senate adjourned the 2018 Regular Legislative Session sine die, closing out a session in which parents, educators, public school supporters, and legislators STOOD UP together to protect our children and their public schools. Read our session wrap-up here.

thank you heroes

K-12 Appropriation for FY2019 Passed by House and Senate

Posted 3/26/2018

Today, the Mississippi House and Senate passed HB 1592, the K-12 funding bill that increases the overall K-12 appropriation by $12.8-million, including a $3.1-million increase for the MAEP and $2.5-million more for pre-k. We are told that a large share of the credit for these increases goes to House Education Chairman Richard Bennett. We are thankful for his leadership. We are making progress, but our public schools, and the children they serve, remain at a significant disadvantage: HB 1592 underfunds the MAEP for FY2019 by approximately $240-million; school district funding for next year is $37-million less than schools got two years ago; and Mississippi schools still receive about $1,300 less per student than do schools in our neighboring states. Read more.

K-12 Funding Bill a Win for Children

Posted 3/25/2018, 10:15 p.m.

Good news on the K-12 funding agreement reached tonight by conferees: while the final conference report doesn't include all that we asked for, it does increase the overall appropriation by $12.8-million, including an increase in MAEP of $3.1-million. Thanks to superhero legislators, parents, and teachers who pulled together to improve the outlook for public schools. See overview here.

Need Calls on K-12 Funding Bill

Posted 3/24/2018, 10:30 p.m.

Appropriations update: Conferees have not come to an agreement on the K-12 funding bill, so a "dummy" placeholder bill was filed to meet tonight's 8 p.m. deadline. The hang-up appears to be over whether or not to provide a slight increase in the MAEP - the core funding for teachers and classrooms. After this evening's deadline, Lt. Gov. Reeves opined that K-12 should receive an increase in other line items but NOT in the MAEP. Get the details here.

School Funding Bill Deadline This Weekend

Posted 3/23/2018

School funding for the 2018-2019 school year will be decided in the next few days; your legislators need to hear from you on HB 1592, the K-12 appropriations bill. Ask them to stand with our public school children one more time and ensure them at least the $8.2-million above level funding that was promised earlier in the session. Read more.

Will MAEP Funds Be Cut in Retaliation for Defeat of School Funding Rewrite?

Posted 3/20/2018

 When the House passed its version of the K-12 appropriation bill, it provided an increase of $8.2-million over current-year funding for the MAEP. However, after the Senate killed HB 957, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves implied that the appropriation for public schools likely would be reduced, seemingly in retaliation for the defeat of the school funding law rewrite. See related video/audio clips and read more.

Threats, Coercion, and the School Funding Rewrite

Posted 3/12/2018

 Legislators in both parties are speculating that the leadership will hold the appropriations, transportation, and bond bills in conference and use them as leverage to flip enough votes to pass HB 957, threatening to kill important projects in districts of legislators who don’t agree to support this dreadful bill and offering sweetheart deals to those who do. Tell your legislators that public school supporters stand with legislators who stand up to bullies and with our children. Read more.

Will Leadership Resurrect HB 957, Overrule Voters?

Posted 3/6/2018

 Word at the Capitol is that there's a move afoot to resurrect HB 957 and ram it through the Legislature in a special session. Sources tell us that Lt. Gov. Reeves is applying tremendous pressure to senators to flip the votes of our HERO legislators who helped kill HB 957.  Read more.

A Big Win for Mississippi Children!

Posted 3/1/2018

Wow! Your State Senate came through for our children big time today: HB 957 is dead. During debate on the bill, Sen. Hob Bryan made a procedural motion which, if passed, would kill the bill. That motion passed on a vote of 27-21. Join us in thanking senators who stood up for public school children today. See vote report and read more.

RED ALERT: HB 957 Slashes Special Education Funding

Posted 2/28/2018

The latest revelation about the devastating nature of HB 957 is that it will slash funding for children with special needs. HB 957 would send 102 school districts even LESS special education funding than they got this year. The leadership says this bill is good for students. How could it possibly be good for students to pass a law that would give them LESS of everything that school funding provides? Read more. The Senate is likely to vote on the bill Thursday, March 1. Ask senators to vote NO on HB 957! 

RED ALERT: School Funding Rewrite Headed to Senate Floor

Posted 2/27/2018

It's now or never, friends! It's time for moms, dads, and educators to stand up, speak out, and let our legislators know that we will not stand by while they devastate our public schools. HB 957 passed out of committee today and is headed to the Senate floor. Ask your senator to vote NO!  Read about the dangers this bill poses to Mississippi's public school students.

Senate Version of HB 957 Indicates Additional Losses

Posted 2/26/2018

The Senate version of HB 957 will be considered by the Senate Education Committee Tuesday, Feb. 27, at 11 a.m. The version indicates that the Legislature's intent is to withhold almost $100-million in Career and Technical Education (CTE) funding, in addition to the $292-million in losses already reported. Ask members of the Education Committee to vote NO on HB 957. Read more

Senate Ed Comm. Meets on School Funding Rewrite

Posted 2/21/2018

Today the Senate Education Committee met with EdBuild representative Rebecca Sibilia about HB 957. The bottom line? They have not been providing an apples-to-apples comparison of the new proposal vs. MAEP. The truth is that the funding provided for school districts in HB 957 is worse than an underfunded MAEP. Read more.

Senate Leadership Evades Questions on School Funding Plan

Posted 2/20/2018

In an afternoon meeting with EdBuild and senators, Senate Education Chairman Gray Tollison was evasive about a Senate version of HB 957, declining to answer senators' questions about whether a Senate plan exists or what it might entail. It appears that the Senate leadership fears public scrutiny of their school funding proposal, even the scrutiny of their own Senate colleagues. The Senate Education Committee will meet tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon and the deadline to vote on the measure is in a few days. Keep calling your senators: ask them to vote NO on HB 957. Remember, the House version of HB 957 provides schools even LESS than an underfunded MAEP.

Important Update on School Funding Law, Remember Teachers

Posted 2/16/2018

Heads up: HB 957 was referred to the Senate Education Committee this afternoon, an indication that it will be taken up for a vote soon. The Senate reconvenes Monday at 2 p.m.; senators need to know that you oppose this bill. Ask your own senator AND senators on the Education Committee to VOTE NO on HB 957! Find contact information for Senate Education Committee members.

With the heart-rending events taking place in our country, most recently the school shooting in Florida, we appreciate more than ever the role that teachers serve in our public schools. Please join us in praying for the precious children and teachers in all of our classrooms, and remember the African proverb, "When you pray, move your feet."

See How Much Your School District Loses in HB 957

Posted 2/15/2018

 Have you seen how much your school district will lose if HB 957 becomes law? No matter how legislative leaders spin it, HB 957 is bad for students. It provides less than what current law requires, is worse than the funding trend in the Barbour years, and is worse than what schools would get if the current Legislature simply continued the underfunding pattern of the last six years. Ask your senator to vote NO on HB 957. Read more.Lose

SB 2623 Dies in Senate; Voucher/Funding Threat Remains in HB 957

Posted 2/8/2018

 Kudos to Mississippi senators who stood up for our public schools! With so little support for vouchers in the Senate, SB 2623 was never brought up for a vote by today's deadline. The Senate has adjourned for the day, and SB 2623 is dead. Please thank your senator and ask for his or her help again. A voucher threat remains in HB 957, the bill that would change the way public schools are funded, dramatically reduce the funding required, and pave the way for vouchers. Read more. Remember to wear #BlueForMSTeachers tomorrow and post pictures on social media. Our children are blessed to have great teachers in their classrooms - let's show our support!

Deadline Day: Ask Senators to Vote NO on SB 2623

Posted 2/8/2018 Vote NO SB 2623

Wear BLUE this Friday, Support Public School Teachers

Posted 1/31/2018

Show your support for public school teachers by wearing blue this Friday, and keep it up throughout the legislative session! This terrific idea is from Mississippi Professional Educators, inspired by a high school principal who was dismayed to see state leaders pushing private school vouchers last week at the Capitol while wearing yellow scarves in support of school choice week. Principal Chris Chism suggests we wear #BlueForMSTeachers and we agree! Also, keep calling senators on the three bills of concern - SB 2623, vouchers; SB 2400, school board elections; and HB 957, funding law. Read more.

RED ALERT: Voucher Bill Headed to Senate Floor - Please Call

Posted 1/30/2018

SB 2623, an alarming voucher bill, passed the Senate Education Committee today and is headed to the Senate floor for a vote. Please ask your senator to vote NO on this bill, which opens vouchers to all students and sends hundreds of millions of dollars to unaccountable private schools. Read details about the bill here.

Privatization Bill Passes First Committee - Need Calls

Posted 1/26/2018

We need your help again. The Koch brothers want to take over your school board and privatize your schools, and SB 2400 is their vehicle. Get the details on the dangers of this bill.

Thanks for a Terrific Response to the Virtual Rally!

Posted 1/25/2018

Well, Mississippi, you did yourself proud in the STAND UP FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS virtual rally! We had an amazing response yesterday and folks are still rallying today! Let's keep the momentum going. Continue to contact would be terrific to see the virtual rally extend through the weekend. Ask your friends to call. Post on social media and use the hashtags #No2VouchersMS and #ProtectSchoolFunding. Make sure all legislators get the message. Our children are counting on us.

Today's the Day to Speak Up for Our Kids

Posted 1/24/2018

Wednesday, January 24: Stand Up for Public Schools Virtual Rally. Here's what we need you to do:

 Contact your legislators and the leadership with our rally message: STAND UP FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS #No2VouchersMS #ProtectSchoolFunding.

• Don't pick just one method of communicating, use them all: call, text, email, tweet, and post on Facebook and Instagram! Find legislators' contact information here.

On social media, use hashtags #No2VouchersMS and #ProtectSchoolFunding with the rally graphic linked here (and pictured below).

 Post the graphic and your message on legislators' own social media pages AND tag legislators in all of your posts on your own pages.

Invite legislators to rally with us in support of public schools.

Teachers, remember to use your personal phones, computers, email addresses, and time to take action.

standup both square

URGENT: Our Kids Need You Wednesday

Posted 1/22/2018

Tired of the threats to slash school funding and send what little funding we have left to private academies? Make your voice heard without ever leaving home or work, missing carpool or appointments. Add your voice to thousands of others with a VIRTUAL RALLY this Wednesday, Jan. 24! Get the details here.

Dangerous Voucher Bills Introduced in House & Senate

Posted 1/19/2018

Several variations of voucher bills have been introduced; those most likely to come up in committee open the current special needs voucher program to all students. All of the voucher bills send taxpayer dollars to unaccountable private schools. Ask senators and representatives to vote NO on any voucher bill. Read more.

House Passes Terrible Funding Bill, Ask Senators to Vote NO

Posted 1/18/2018

This morning, the House tabled the motion to reconsider HB 957, sending the bill on to the Senate. Ask your senator to vote NO on HB 957 and send it back to the drawing board. And be sure to thank representatives who voted against HB 957. Find contact information for legislators. This is far from a done deal, so grab your cape and make those calls! Read more.

House Votes to Gut School Funding; Bill Held Over - Call Reps Again

Posted 1/17/2018, 8:05 p.m.

On a vote of 66-54, the House of Representatives passed HB 957, a bill that guts school funding, reducing by $150-million what current law requires for our public schools. The bill was held on a motion to reconsider the vote, so if your rep voted yes, you have another chance to get a "NO." There will be a motion to table the motion to reconsider. Defeating that "motion to table" would allow the bill to be brought back up for another vote. Ask your representative to vote NO when asked to table the motion to reconsider and then to vote NO on HB 957 when it comes back up.


Many of you watched the livestream of the House debate this afternoon and evening, and expressed your outrage at the rushed process to pass a bill giving our public schools the worst funding outlook that we have faced at any time since the MAEP went into effect. Many representatives spoke against the bill and pushed hard for reasonable amendments to improve it. All of those efforts were defeated. Remind your representatives that HB 957 will be devastating to public schools, and that this flawed bill will become their legacy.

Watch House Debate on HB 957 Today at 2 p.m.

Posted 1/17/2018

The House will take up HB 957 at 2 p.m. today.

Watch it online: It should be telling.

Read more, including facts about why HB 957 is bad for Mississippi's 490,000 public school children.

CALL NOW! Stop HB 957!

Posted 1/16/2018

Please call your representative right away - our children need your help to defeat House Bill 957. This devastating legislation was passed by the House Appropriations Committee this morning and will go to the House for a floor vote tomorrowRead more here.

Capitol Switchboard 601.359.3770.

RED ALERT: HB 957 Guts School Funding; Call Today!

Posted 1/15/2018

Thought it couldn't get any worse? HB 957, up for votes in the House this week, is worse than school funding in the Barbour administration and worse than school funding in the current administration. The Capitol switchboard is open today (601.359.3770). Call and leave a message for each of your legislators to vote NO on HB 957. Read more here.

MAEP Rewrite Gives Less to Every School District

Posted 1/12/2018

The new school funding plan proposed in House Bill 957 would be devastating to many school districts and would require less, over time, for the children in every school district than is required in current law. Many of the costs to districts are hidden in the details of the bill and are not reflected in the numbers that EdBuild provided to legislators. This could be the most consequential piece of legislation passed in a decade by the Mississippi Legislature. Read more here, including our list of primary concerns.

Public Education PAC is Great News for MS Public Schools

Posted 1/10/2018

The newly formed Mississippi Public Education PAC (MSPEPAC) endorsed its first three candidates in recent special elections, and these candidates swept all three races. Read here about the nonpartisan PAC and why it was formed and about the PAC-endorsed legislators who ran successfully in their districts on a pro-public education platform.

Rep. Richard Bennett Named House Education Chair

Posted 1/5/2018

House Speaker Philip Gunn this morning named Rep. Richard Bennett of Long Beach as chairman of the House Education Committee. Rep. Bennett is a former school board member and has deep roots in public education. Read more here.

Time to Call! Vouchers & MAEP Rewrite May Be Fast Tracked

Posted 1/3/2018

Grab your cape! The 2018 Legislative Session convened yesterday, and already, privatizers are stalking the hallways of the Capitol, pressuring lawmakers to make a commitment this week about their votes on voucher bills. Read more here. Please check in with your legislators now and ask them to:

Vote no on any expansion of vouchers

Vote no on any change to the school funding law that does not include an objective formula for calculating the base student cost

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